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State of Odisha is bestowed with Inland, Brackish Water and Marine resources and the Fisheries activity is prominent in the State. Marine and Inland fisheries sectors offer a vast scope for development and investment in a number of projects. Along with various Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Centrally Plan Schemes, the State Government on its own has initiated various activities for welfare of fishermen as well as increasing the fish production of the State. The plan, programme and policies of Fisheries Sector are carried out through the Directorate of Fisheries, Odisha. The Directorate of Fisheries, Odisha was created in the year 1956 to look after all-round development of Fisheries activities in the State. It is basically a service sector and extension oriented technical Department, which promotes scientific aquaculture in the state and look after the welfare of Fisher folk.

Livestock products account for more than 20 % of the total value of agricultural output. Livestock production, furthermore, is partially rural based, contributing significantly to food security and sustainability, in addition to livestock performing a number of social, economic and cultural roles and functions in these areas. Livestock food products are major contributors to a balanced diet.

Livestock Sector in Odisha is highly livelihood intensive and 80% of its rural households own livestock of one species or the other and earn supplementary income for the family. Animal husbandry and poultry farming are expected to play an important role in supplementing the limited income and employment opportunities particularly for the small and marginal holdings. Next to agriculture, animal husbandry is the most important economic activity in the rural Odisha, which is significantly contributing around 4 % to Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). The Department is implementing programmes for breeding, feeding, management of livestock and poultry on scientific methods through the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Odisha.

The dairy and the poultry development activities are being accelerated with a view to augment livestock productivity in terms of milk, meat and egg thereby to contribute for food production along with alleviation of rural poverty. There are 540 Veterinary Hospitals/Dispensaries and 2939 Livestock Aid Centers functioning under this department, out of which 130 VDs and 621 LACs are functioning in KBK districts and these veterinary Institutions are providing services to livestock.

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